La Maison Ogier

Since 1948

La Maison Ogier is the mark of one French family’s devotion to the highest standard of craftsmanship and quality. Using knowledge and experience gained of a 3 generations, Ogier creates high performing products and garments for the most discerning customer. Inspired by the passion and lifestyle of the Ogier family, every piece is designed for customers with the same love for beauty, nature, and sporting achievement. Since 1948, Ogier has successfully preserved a family spirit that cultivates its difference through the constant quest for excellence.


The skilled movements, the precision of the hands, the passion for perfectly mastered-work and the rare know-how of Ogier are central to the brand and its development.


The refined design demystifies trends, in a timeless style. It appeal to a demanding international clientele for whom the beauty of the white world represents a real art de vivre.

Ogier & you

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